I am back from the ded.

So, long time no see, right? Let me explain where I’ve been. The last month or so has quite literally been the busiest month of my life, because I was part of the cast of my school’s Senior Drama Production, meaning rehearsals all day everyday and very little time to spend on my own. Basically, I had the time of my life and I’m kind of really depressed now it’s over :S But I’m back now, so I’ll show you all the CDs and stuff I’ve gotten since last time. It’s sort of a way to fill you in on the fandom-related stuff I’ve been doing (which is not much).

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I haz resultz

I haven’t been bothered to write up the second half of my Momusu ranking, and it’s likely that I won’t get around to that for a while because I uh… go back to school tomorrow… >.<

But I AM sick of the revival unit poll and have a new one up. Go vote yo.

And here are the results of the poll:

Aa!: 18
Shin Minimoni: 6
Pucchimoni V: 5
Tanpopo#: 4
High-King: 13
Zoku·Biyuuden: 11
ZYX-α: 5

Awww come on, where’s the love for Tanpopo? I guess there just aren’t any hard-core Yurina fans around here? Or maybe it’s just that everyone hates Mittsi 😀 (I DON’T!)

But as we all know, the creator of the poll has the privilege of assigning 50 votes to the candidate of their choice. Aaaand the standings are now as follows:

Aa!: 18
Shin Minimoni: 6
Pucchimoni V: 5
Tanpopo#: 4
High-King: 13
Zoku·Biyuuden: 61
ZYX-α: 5

As expected, Zoku·Biyuuden has taken out the competition and made them all look like absolute jokes of a revival unit. Coz we all know it’s true 😀

The Ultimate Morning Musume Single Ranking PART I

I spent a very nostalgic day watching old Morning Musume PVs in preparation for this. I cried a lot. Tears of love ❤ That's just how much I love Morning Musume. And now I realise that I have to rank all 42 of these songs, which is a major problem. You see, with Morning Musume, the thing that sets them apart from other artists is that every single one of their songs means something special to me. Their songs don't have to be unique, or special or catchy for me to love them, because they're being sung by a group of girls that I adore. I guess the best way to explain it is that say if you were a parent, even some random piece of crap that your child made at school would seem special to you. It's sort of like that. I wonder if that's the way everyone feels about their favourite group? I'm guessing it's not like that for Kishiko 😉

Because there are 42 songs (I'm not including Ai no Tane, that's going in the b-side ranking if I ever do one of them) I've split this into two parts. This is part I, or the 21 songs that I love a lot. Part II will be the songs that I love a lot a lot and make me cry every time I listen to them. Something like that. And just be warned, there will be A LOT of reminiscing in this ranking. Sorry about that ^^; And if it seems like I’m bashing a song, that’s just because I can’t be bothered spazzing out over every single song and it’ll be more interesting for you if I’m more mean. In fact, think of this more as a collection of personal anecdotes rather than my actual reasoning for why I’ve ranked these songs the way I have. Now, onto the ranking.

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Now, who’s birthday is it today?

No not you. You go away. You’re gonna have to accept that not everything is about you.

No, it’s the special day of our lovely Queen of Queens, or as we like to call her, Pudding of Puddings…

Sugaya Risako, of course. (Oh no, there’s that xylophone again. I really need to stop with the xylophone.)

I admit, it isn’t actually her birthday TODAY, but in my defense it was Easter and my cousin’s birthday party yesterday. I… hope Risako had a good day. I’m sure she did and me gushing about her in a blog entry won’t change anything. So I’ll stop here before I get started.

Here, have a birthday pudding!

Well, at least she’s not the icecream of icecreams…

P.S. Hey Momo, guess what I noticed today as one of my blog’s top search engine terms? “Tsugunaga Momoko is Evil”. I like what I see.

How freaking awesome is this?!?

This’ll be brief, because it’s almost midnight and I just realized I have an English essay due tomorrow. But just be aware that I LOVE rankings. I really really do. Therefore I love Hello!Blog around this time every year 😉

Yayz for Chinami @ number 6! I wasn’t expecting that one, but as it turns out I really do love her A LOT. And lolz sorry Dawa, I do like you but I just don’t know anything about you >.< Hehe. Next up, the unit ranking turned out to be much more difficult than I thought~

But it’s now official, Berryz is number 1. Only by a fraction though, I still have a whole lot of love for Momusu.

Kishiko, are you seeing this right?
Buono! at number 6, S/mileage at number 5???

Lol yep it’s true, I do love S/mileage, Buono!… meh not so much.

And I’ll tell you a secret… I almost put Manoeri before C-ute :O But then I decided that just doesn’t work. I mean C-ute has HOTT!MAIMI, Manoeri doesn’t. Simple as that.

Anyway, make of it what you will.
I have to go now.

O. M. F. G.


WHY SO EPIC ;_____;

It’s been a LOOOONG time since I’ve listened to an album and liked every single song from the first listen. Like Arche, they’re all going on the mp4 (i.e. iPod). Like seriously. EPIC.


*cries from the EPICness*


Did ya know that the first song is OTAKEBI BOY WAO!?????

In a pickle

…crap. I can’t even fit one more song. I think I need a new iPod >.<

But wait, that needs money. And where did that money go? Oh RIGHT, Momusu's new album. That I won't be able to put on my iPod because there's no room. Grrrrr.


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